“In so many ways my gender and autism work in tandem. Even after I came out as trans something was missing. Finding out I was autistic made everything clearer,” Credence (pronouns he/him). Photo image is of Credence, printed with permission.

12 People On What It Felt Like To Discover Autism

May 19, 2018

After decades of oversight, autistic women, non-binary and transgender people are coming out of the shadows. For years researchers focused their studies on white middle-class boys and blinded the world to the unique ways autism…

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Image description: Closeup photo of a gray couch and green wall, with text: Have you ever tried to make another client stop liking something just because you thought the thing they liked was childish? Have you ever told another client that if they interrupted you one more time, you would get up and leave? I hope you haven’t, but I suspect you have. - C.L. Bridge,

Dear Former Therapist, I Wish You Knew

May 17, 2018

If you were my therapist when I was seventeen to twenty years old, this letter is for you. In the beginning, I trusted you. I was eager to get help for my anxiety, which had…

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Image description -- a photo of people’s hands, in varying skin tones, joining together to form a heart shape. Text says, “AWN calls upon our fellow autistics, autism organizations, and allies to join us in taking the Inclusivity Pledge.” AWN logo in lower right corner.

Beyond Awareness: A Rallying Cry for Acceptance and Inclusion

April 18, 2018

April is a busy month in the Autistic community. What started out many years ago as an awareness campaign led by parents has now turned its focus towards what matters to actually Autistic people. Calling…

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[COURTESY OF KEEP THE CHANGE] - image shows the two lead actors from behind as they walk down the boardwalk holding hands.

‘Keep The Change’ Is The Movie The Autistic Community Has Long Been Waiting For

April 9, 2018

Keep the Change is a heartwarming love story between two autistic adults played by no other than autistic actors. The film is cozy and funny without shying away from the reality of being autistic in…

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Image is the AWN logo with blue and purple floral garnishes on a spring green background

Another Autism Awareness Month is Almost Here. Yay

March 31, 2018

I’m aware. I’m aware that the way that I am is considered “disordered” and wrong. That people expose laboratory mice to infections in order to try to recreate the way I naturally am. In their…

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Image is a person seated at a table, mostly obscured by a tall stack of books. Text says, “Please remember that stereotypes about being good at something are still stereotypes. ~ C.L. Bridge, “Don’t Count on Stereotypes,”

Don’t Count on Stereotypes

March 16, 2018

At age sixteen, I sat in the backseat of my parents’ car, doing sums in my head. I pictured the numbers being written out on the back of the seat in front of me. Why…

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Image of a pen on paper with a checkbox labeled “I Agree.” Text says, Their "niceness" is seen as success. I see compliance. I see a dependency of others telling them what and how they should feel, do, want, hope for, choose, live. ~ Amy Sequenzia, “Real Independence,”

Real Independence

March 2, 2018

Most people believe that the only valuable life achievement of a disabled person like me (non-speaking Autistic with high support needs) is “to be independent”. I already wrote about how the concept of independence is…

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Sometimes you can’t find the words to say what you need or how you feel. Sometimes you know the words but can’t get them out. And even when the words do come out right, people don’t always listen. ~ C.L. Bridge,

To My Preteen Self

November 22, 2017

Original post for Autistics Speaking Day by C.L. Bridge Dear eleven-year-old me, Hello from the future! There are so many things I want to tell you. But first, I suppose I should explain what Autistics…

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As adults, we should be the ones making decisions, even if we need help. Everyone has a story, wishes and thoughts. Advocating with us means giving us all the tools we need to express ourselves. ~ Amy Sequenzia,

Parenting and Advocating With Autistic Children

November 20, 2017

Parents of Autistic children have to learn how to advocate for supports in school, in the community, and even at home. This is not something that gets done after a few hours, or a few…

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Autistic Representation Needs Autistic Voices

October 31, 2017

Hollywood loves talking about autism but refuses to talk to Autistics. When a new show or movie with an Autistic character airs, writers, directors and producers pat themselves on the back because they are so…

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Image is a photo of a group of human figure-shaped wooden pegs clustered to the left and a single wooden peg standing off to the right. Text says, "It is about how ABA “therapists” REALLY see Autistics. It is about them making fun of us because they see us as broken and hopeless. -Amy Sequenzia,”

ABA Providers Making Fun of Autistic People

September 6, 2017

I have already written about my thoughts on ABA. I do believe it is dehumanizing, and is used to make Autistics act in a way that pleases non-autistic people. Many will say that ABA teaches…

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Image has a photo of "see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil" monkey figures in background. Text says, The comment was deleted and I was blocked. I commented on the Facebook page. I was blocked. I answered a question on Twitter. I was blocked on Twitter too. They even blocked me from viewing their website. - Amy Sequenzia,”

Autism Parenting Magazine – Disinformation and Silencing of Autistics

August 18, 2017

I’ve read an article on the online Autism Parenting Magazine that was so bad, my initial reaction was a giant WTF? It was written by someone who clearly doesn’t know anything about autism. The magazine…

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