7 people of various ages and genders are shown using various mobility aids like a cane or wheelchair or are standing, leaning, or linked in arms together. There are bright teal, red, yellow and orange flowers across the top with a pair of orange maracas shown at the top center. Above the people it reads in bold orange- ¡FELIZ MES DE LA HERENCIA LATINE! Below the drawing it reads: JOIN AWN IN CELEBRATING LATINE HERITAGE MONTH September 15-October 15 In the lower left corner is the awn logo- a large “a” in orange with the yellow spoonie dragonfly followed by awnnetwork.org. The artwork was done by Erin Casey}

Celebrating Latine Heritage Month as an Autistic Lesbian

I want to wish all of my fellow Latine people a Happy Latine Heritage Month! I love being in community with other autistic, disabled, and Latine people. However, these communities aren’t perfect. I have witnessed racism and lack of representation of Black Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) within the autistic and disability communities, among other problems. I also have witnessed lack of understanding and acceptance of autistic people like me within the Latine community.

The logo is comprised of block letters "MHHD" with the organization's name to the right which says "The Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities (MHDD) National Training Center" and below this is the tagline "at the intersection of mental health and developmental disabilities"

I have been trying my best with this pandemic. It’s taking a toll on my mental health because I have been staying at home almost all the time since March 2020. I am a type 1 diabetic so I’m high risk. I’ve been staying home to protect myself, my family, and everyone else.

mage is a closeup photo of a purple tufted sofa with a nailhead border at the bottom edge, and a pale purple AWN logo on the left side. White text in the lower half of the image says: I’m always searching for female characters who are allowed to be eccentric, allowed to have unbridled enthusiasm for their interests, allowed to admit they don't always know what to say. – CL Bridge, awnnetwork.org

Oh, Brilliant!: the 13th Doctor and Autism

Like most autistic people, Thirteen gets very excited about things that interest her, however small those things may seem to NTs. She loves a laminator.

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