mage is a closeup photo of a purple tufted sofa with a nailhead border at the bottom edge, and a pale purple AWN logo on the left side. White text in the lower half of the image says: I’m always searching for female characters who are allowed to be eccentric, allowed to have unbridled enthusiasm for their interests, allowed to admit they don't always know what to say. – CL Bridge,

Oh, Brilliant!: the 13th Doctor and Autism

Like most autistic people, Thirteen gets very excited about things that interest her, however small those things may seem to NTs. She loves a laminator.

Image description: painting of a person's face in profile (courtesy of, with the text "The film shows that an autistic person is worthy, however, not only for the things they can do or what they might achieve some day. - Lei Wiley-Mydske,"

Deej: Film Review

“Deej” is a remarkable film about autism, family, the presumption of competence and the right of each individual to access communication and to be included in our schools and communities. Directed …

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