Image of a pen on paper with a checkbox labeled “I Agree.” Text says, Their "niceness" is seen as success. I see compliance. I see a dependency of others telling them what and how they should feel, do, want, hope for, choose, live. ~ Amy Sequenzia, “Real Independence,”

Real Independence

Most people believe that the only valuable life achievement of a disabled person like me (non-speaking Autistic with high support needs) is “to be independent”. I already wrote about how the …

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Sometimes you can’t find the words to say what you need or how you feel. Sometimes you know the words but can’t get them out. And even when the words do come out right, people don’t always listen. ~ C.L. Bridge,

To My Preteen Self

Original post for Autistics Speaking Day by C.L. Bridge Dear eleven-year-old me, Hello from the future! There are so many things I want to tell you. But first, I suppose I …

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Image shows a closeup of a few colored pencils on a blue wooden table. Text says, “Our interests are ours / they aren’t yours to take from us. ~ C.L. Bridge,”

Our Interests Are Ours

In kindergarten, I loved one thing more than just about anything else: the Care Bears. I loved their rainbow colors and their magical land of clouds. Unfortunately, most of my classmates …

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