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AWN Network’s Committee on Autism & Ethnicity aims to educate the public about the impact of race and culture on our Autistic identities. The committee runs a grant program for Autistic people of color. See details here.

Divergent: when disability & feminism collide is an initiative of AWN which seeks to explore the impact of sexism and ableism in disabled and nondisabled communities.  Divergent  is run exclusively by disabled people of varying identities and disabilities.

Autistic Women & Nonbinary Network has an ongoing health provider survey with a linked database listing intimate care providers.  These providers offer sensory friendly and accessible health care.

In its work to develop more inclusive and accessible communities and opportunities, AWN has focused on challenging societal attitudes about the worth of disabled lives.  Autistic Women & Nonbinary Network has called for the zealous prosecution of hate crimes against disabled people.

AWN supports networking, educational and social gatherings in various geographic areas. Some of our activities include autism acceptance events, seminars, book reading/discussions, coffee shop meetups, picnics, dinners, movies, arts & crafts, etc. We host guest speakers and provide transportation support (gas vouchers, bus passes, metro token, etc.).

AWN actively collaborates with several disability, gender, justice, research, and related progressive causes and/or organizations. Additionally, our team works to advocate for our community and educate the public via presentations, workshops, trainings, articles, and statements.

NOTICE: All articles on this website are offered as personal viewpoints of the author and should never be a substitute for your medical recommendations. Always consult your personal healthcare professional before making changes to your prescribed or recommended maintenance.

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