Our Work


AWN provides support to various initiatives throughout our community which empowers disabled and autistic people in their fight for disability, gender, and racial justice.

Solidarity Aid

AWN provides support to disabled and autistic BIPoC & LGBTQIAP+ people. Our support includes meals, groceries, rent, moving expenses, bereavement & loss, healthcare, and assistance for many other unexpected life events.


AWN celebrates the expansive and divergent experiences within our community. Our articles and webinars feature autistic and disabled community leaders, activists, and organizers to speak on various topics to autistic and disabled communities.


Beacon Press republished AWN’s original anthology under the title "Sincerely, Your Autistic Child". Our continued partnership with Beacon Press includes future publications on restorative and transformative justice in the autistic & LGBTQIAP+ communities.

Fiscal Support

In our dedication to give back to community, AWN offers fiscal sponsorship to multi-cultural grassroots projects seeking to build capacity. Programs include the Disability Intersectionality Summit (DIS), The Autistic People of Color Fund (APOC), Health Justice Commons (HJC), Living Alters, and COVID Safe Campus.


AWN supports various kinds of networking and social gatherings. Due to COVID, the majority of our activities have transitioned to online and most recently hybrid events. Some of our activities include autism acceptance community events, panel presentations, book discussions, and coffee shop meetups.