Image of a pen on paper with a checkbox labeled “I Agree.” Text says, Their "niceness" is seen as success. I see compliance. I see a dependency of others telling them what and how they should feel, do, want, hope for, choose, live. ~ Amy Sequenzia, “Real Independence,” awnnetwork.org

Real Independence

Most people believe that the only valuable life achievement of a disabled person like me (non-speaking Autistic with high support needs) is “to be independent”. I already wrote about how the …

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Image is a photo of a group of human figure-shaped wooden pegs clustered to the left and a single wooden peg standing off to the right. Text says, "It is about how ABA “therapists” REALLY see Autistics. It is about them making fun of us because they see us as broken and hopeless. -Amy Sequenzia, awnnetwork.org”

ABA Providers Making Fun of Autistic People

I have already written about my thoughts on ABA. I do believe it is dehumanizing, and is used to make Autistics act in a way that pleases non-autistic people. Many will …

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Awesomely Autistic, Awesomely Distinguishable

I have written quite a lot about ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis), which I call Autistic Conversion Therapy. The official language of the program is “to make Autistic children indistinguishable from their …

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Text reads: “Recap - ABA supporter tells Autistic: ABA and therapy, OR ELSE you will end up alone and institutionalized. Change and act more normal, OR ELSE your life will be misery.” awnnetwork.org (Image description: the back ground is an assorted variety of gummy bear candies).

Have Some ABA, or Else…

This was the message from someone who commented on an old article I wrote, about how I don’t like ABA. Not these exact words and this person, “Mary”, could be referring …

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My Thoughts on ABA

So. Uh. Lovaas said this, in his 1981 book, The ME book. This is where Lovaas first spelled out ABA.  “With responsibility, the developmentally disabled individual takes on dignity and ‘acquires’ …

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Neurodiversity is for Everyone

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