Disability Pride Month 2023

AWN July Newsletter

July 26, 2023

Hi, my name is Courtney and I have been the Digital Media Content Manager for AWN since 2020, leading our efforts on Facebook and helping our team make sure all our online platforms are accessible.…

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Broadband Internet: Civil Rights and Disability Justice

Webinars June 22 & 29

June 19, 2023

Hello to everyone in the AWN community!  You’ll notice that AWN has not had any webinars for a long time now. Well, I’m here to share that the hiatus is over!  If you have been…

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Happy Pride Month 2023

AWN June Newsletter

June 16, 2023

Dear Friend, Hi, I’m Erin, and as a neurodivergent artist, I wanted to wish you a happy Pride Month. I’ve been the Art Director for AWN since 2016, and in that time I’ve enjoyed making…

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Nonbinary autistic woman wearing elf ears, black face mask and satyr horns next to image of a monstrous changeling child. Bottom right has a rainbow neurodiversity pride symbol. Text reads “Is Autism Monstrous”

Changelings and the Folk History of Autism

April 30, 2023

For hundreds of years, children with autistic and neurodivergent traits were often believed to be “changelings,” children swapped at birth for evil fairies or other monsters. Looking back at this folklore can uncover the roots of modern ableism, as well as show us how autism and neurodivergence has always existed. Kayley Whalen traveled to Ireland to create a video about changeling folklore, adapted into this blog.

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Illustration of a large blue, pink and white rainbow against a pale grey background. Across the top of rainbow in pink, blue and black text it reads: Trans Rights Are Human Rights Take Action! In front of the rainbow are drawings of 9 people in brightly colored clothes alternately cheering with the trans and Nonbinary pride flags, waving their hands in the air, flexing their arm, and hugging. In the top right corner is the AWN logo: a large pink, white, and blue “a” with our website awnnetwork.org

April Newsletter: Fighting Back for Trans Rights

April 27, 2023

AWN is fighting new legislation and regulations intended to harm trans people. These anti-trans policies are often combined with ableism and racism. Georgia’s SB 140 references higher rates of autism amongst transgender people as a reason to deny gender-affirming care. In this newsletter, our Policy Manager Elio McCabe provides resources for you to stay informed, take action, and support AWN in the fight.

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Image of a person with a fidget spinner and a quote saying: "No one deserves to be mocked or punished for using sensory or communication tools." by C.L. Bridge

Sensory and Communication Tools Deserve Respect

April 9, 2023

No one deserves to be mocked or punished for using sensory or communication tools.  Stim toys, noise-canceling headphones, or other tools should never be withheld from a child or adult just because other people might ridicule them for it. Instead, let’s hold society accountable for ableism.

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Sexual Assault Awareness Month graphic. Drawing Connections, Prevention Demands Equity. Image of woman of color's face with a collage of symbols including a flower, the The International Symbol of Access (a wheelchair user), a trans pride symbol, a woman symbol, a man symbol, and upraised hands with different skin colors. There's also a teal Sexual Assault Awareness ribbon.

An Autistic Woman’s Experience with Sexual Assault

April 7, 2023

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Being a sexual assault survivor and disabled autistic Latina means I understand at a very personal level the connections between the discrimination my communities face, and how that makes people like me more vulnerable to sexual assault.

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Paperback book with illustration of a Black parent and Black child holding hands. Book cover reads "A Neurodiversity and Gentle Parenting Journey...in Color by Morénike Giwa Onaiwu next to the AWNNetwork.org logo. To the right is a donation box with hearts coming out of it with text "Goal $6,000". Below it reads Donate Today!

Support Language Justice and Autism Acceptance!

April 1, 2023

This April, AWN is hoping to raise $6,000 to support the release of the forthcoming book A Neurodiversity and Gentle Parenting Journey…in Color by Morénike Giwa Onaiwu

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text: Autistic Women & Nonbinary Network and Autistic People of Color Fund Statement on the Nashville Shooting

AWN & APOC Fund Statement on the March 27, 2023, Nashville Shooting

March 31, 2023

We acknowledge the pain, suffering, and trauma that the victims’ family, friends, and colleagues, as well as community members, are experiencing. At the same time, AWN and the Autistic People of Color Fund unequivocally condemn bigoted and hateful remarks about the shooter’s gender identity as a trans man and its purported relationship to his violent acts

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Text: From Sincerely, Your Autistic Child Celebration and acceptance of diversity begins in your own own home, with you. Haley Moss. Order Your Copy Today! Beacon Press

AWN March Newsletter

March 27, 2023

On March 30, we’ll be celebrating the two year anniversary of the release of AWN’s book Sincerely, Your Autistic Child. The book has now sold over 21,000 copies in paperback, eBook, and audiobook formats!

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A scene of a Black family celebrating from the “Old Towne Road Part II episode of “The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder.” (Disney) On the left is an autistic boy with an afro, with his sister in a pink dress next to him, his father in a cowboy hat, and his mother in a yellow suit

February Newsletter

February 27, 2023

Earlier this month, AWN leadership helped to consult on the highly acclaimed autism-focused episode of The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder reboot that recently aired on Disney+. The episode, which was intentionally released in February, has been praised broadly for its thoughtful portrayal of a Black family with affirming parents of a newly diagnosed autistic child.

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llustration and text against a pale grey background. Text reads: “BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2023 BLACK TRANS RESISTANCE” At center is a drawing of a Black fist raised with bracelets in the trans flag colors: pink, white and blue. At center bottom dark text reads: “an AWN Network Infographic Series” In the lower right hand corner is the awn logo: a large pink “a” with a teal spoonie dragonfly and our website awnnetwork.org.

Celebrating Black Trans Resistance

February 24, 2023

For Black History Month, we’re celebrating Black Trans Resistance by releasing an infographic series on the experiences of Black trans people with discrimination, acceptance, and joy. Join us this month in amplifying issues crucial to Black trans communities and uplifting Black trans-led organizations by sharing these graphics and blog post

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