AWN Statement on False Claims

Autism Women’s Network wants to address a concern that has recently come to light. We are intentionally being broad in our statement and have chosen to not use personal names. If this causes you confusion then we apologize.

It has recently been discovered that AWN, in good faith, shared writings over the past year of an Activist who falsified numerous things about their life. While all the facts are still unclear, we have been able to confirm enough facts, and thus want to reach out to all of you who are feeling the fallout as the situation unfolds.

It is important to note that, as other community leaders have stated, these circumstances “should not bring into question valid communication methods such as AAC, FC, or RPM that many nonspeaking or partially speaking Autistic people use to communicate.” (PACLA, 2015)

Understandably, many of you feel betrayed, hurt and disillusioned by the dishonesty from this individual. Please know that AWN is aware and we’re making every attempt to assist community members through this crisis.