Alicewinks to Donate 20% of iBook Proceeds to Autism Women’s Network


Holiday donation to leading Autism organization marks the beginning of Alicewinks’ broader commitment to the Autistic community and special education.

Buena Vista, CO (December 18, 2013) — From December 18th, 2013 through January 3rd, 2014, Alicewinks will donate 20% of the proceeds from its sales to the Autism Women’s Network, a non-profit dedicated to supporting Autistic women and girls of all ages through a sense of community, advocacy and resources. The money will be directed toward online and offline community development and education, connecting and empowering Autistic women and their families throughout the country.

Alicewinks, a critically acclaimed multimedia ebook that brings Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to life for digital audiences through a unique blend of animation, imagery, and unabridged text, has been recognized by special educators as a tool to make classic literature more accessible, regardless of learning style. Recently, Alicewinks was endorsed by Colorado State University professor and Autism activist Dr. Temple Grandin.

“We’ve received such a passionate reception from the Autistic community, we became really interested in how we could give back, says Dave Neal, co-founder of Walrus & Carpenter Productions and creator of Alicewinks. “For us, this started with paying close attention to the voices of Autistic individuals and families, and it quickly became clear that Autism Women’s Network was their champion.”

Autism Women’s Network is directed by and for Autistic women. The organization advances much-needed interaction and dialogue through its renowned digital content, a robust and diverse online community, locally-executed social meetup groups, and educational resources pertaining to race, culture, and the Autistic experience.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Alicewinks on this exciting endeavor,” says Sharon daVanport, President of Autism Women’s Network. “We are always looking for tools that help our community engage with literature in different ways, especially when that includes classics like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.”

This marks the beginning of a long-term commitment to special education for Alicewinks, which seeks to expand its efforts in 2014 by donating copies of the ebook to related educational services and supporting tablet adoption in these environments.

Alicewinks is available for download on the iPad or on Mac devices with the Mavericks operating system, on Android devices through the Google Play store, and on the Kindle Fire. 20% of proceeds will be donated to Autism Women’s Network through January 3rd, 2014.

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Formed in January 2012, Walrus & Carpenter produces video-based products designed for tablet computers. Their first product is known affectionately as “Alicewinks – 19th century fantasy, 20th century imagery, 21st century technology.


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