Image of a pen on paper with a checkbox labeled “I Agree.” Text says, Their "niceness" is seen as success. I see compliance. I see a dependency of others telling them what and how they should feel, do, want, hope for, choose, live. ~ Amy Sequenzia, “Real Independence,” awnnetwork.org

Real Independence

Most people believe that the only valuable life achievement of a disabled person like me (non-speaking Autistic with high support needs) is “to be independent”. I already wrote about how the …

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Walk In My Shoes

Content warning: use of the R-word and murders of disabled people. (Please, read this post: http://timetolisten.blogspot.com/2013/09/here-try-on-some-of-my-shoes.html. What I write here is inspired – not in an inspiration porn way – by …

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Neurodiversity is for Everyone

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