A Black, nonbinary, disabled person. They have black, wavy hair. They are wearing a green, festive hat.

Alex Toliver

Policy Analysis Intern (2022)

Alexis (Alex) Toliver is an unapologetically Black, nonbinary person with multiple disabilities. They are radically disabled and work towards the liberation of all people. Alexis is one of the many co-founders of the Harriet Tubman Collective. This is an extraordinary collective of Black, disabled activists. They proudly work as a policy analyst intern for Autistic Women & Nonbinary Network. Although Alex has dedicated her life to liberation, she is also a neuroscientist. They work to combine their scientific endeavors with their advocacy efforts by educating, lecturing, engaging in policy, supporting accessibility efforts, and promoting STEM opportunities to disabled and other marginalized people. They have received awards such as the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Gilliam Fellowship and the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship to support these efforts. Alexis is multifaceted and multi-marginalized. Their life goal is to liberate and support marginalized lives by any means necessary.