Jean Winegardner

Contributing Writer

I am many things, including a mother to three boys, a wife, a writer, a stay-at-home mom, part of a neurodiverse household, and an autistic woman. I also like rodents a lot. I do much of my online writing as Stimey.

My three kids are wonderful, unique individuals, one with an ADHD diagnosis, one with a PDD-NOS diagnosis, and one whom we are currently calling quirky, but who might be formally inducted into the land of the diagnosed before too long. I was diagnosed with Asperger’s at age 38, after having identified as an autism parent for many years. I have, of course, been autistic since I was born.

As mentioned, one of my special interests is rodents, especially gerbils and mice, because, c’mon, they’re awesome. I am also a fan of zombie entertainment and post-apocalyptic fiction—and was before it was cool, thank you very much. I intend to enjoy it long after it has lost its caché as well. I don’t like saying that I love zombies though, because who really loves zombies themselves? I also like funny things. If you make me laugh and you’re kind, I’m yours forever.

I write a personal blog at and run an autism events website for Montgomery County, Maryland, at I am @Stimey on Twitter and have a Stimeyland Facebook page. I am thrilled to be a contributor to Autism Women’s Network.

Neurodiversity is for Everyone ™

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