Court (Alison) Falk

Court (Alison) Falk

Digital Media Content Manager

Courtney (aka Court) is an activist and a parent of 3 amazing children.  Court is proudly autistic and multiply neurodivergent. Court has an array of disabilities/chronic health issues which cause intense pain and fatigue.

Prior to becoming a parent, Court  worked as a nanny, including to neurodivergent children. Court became and remains extremely passionate about respectful parenting and on challenging pervasive childist views.

Court co founded Respectfully Connected- a parenting blog exclusively by neurodivergent parents. This blog focused on respectful ways to discuss parenting disabled children, while prioritizing the privacy and dignity that all children deserve.

Court founded and runs NOVA Autistic Pride Lending Library- a local lending library whose purpose is to counter the ableist messages people receive about autism and all disabilities. Court has a long time passion for providing resources and guidance to caregivers of neurodivergent children.  They plan to continue to help guide caregivers in avoiding the pathology paradigm and the path of ABA and other intensive interventions. Instead fighting to give disabled children their childhoods back, rather than spend them in autism conversion therapies.

Court has been a volunteer with AWN for four years and is now working for them  as the Digital Media Content Manager.  Their down time is spent  researching and info dumping about various topics, and sleeping, as their pain and fatigue dictate. Court hopes to finish their book, as well as to adopt more pets, and continue to be a thorn in the side of, and eventually help take down, the big ABA machine.