Court (Alison) Falk

Content Creator, Moderator, Writer

Court (Alison) Falk is a chronically ill, autistic, multiply neurodivergent disability activist. They are a parent to three amazing autistic children. Court was the editor of the literary magazine in high school and college and really enjoys writing. They are a lifelong learner who left a creative writing major in college to work full time as a nanny. Court currently lives with their family in the D.C. area. They have been involved in online advocacy and disability activism since 2012.

Court is a contributing writer for Respectfully Connected, their own new blog NeuroDefiant, as well as spending years co-creating and moderating multiple ND respectful parenting groups. Court is a parent advocate who has a passion for communicating with parents of newly identified autistic children and sharing with them about the neurodiversity paradigm. Court has spent much of the past 5 years communicating with parents and sharing resources, promoting acceptance rather than the path of childhood robbing, intensive therapy autistic children are expected to take.

Court’s strongest interests include intersectional activism, transgender rights, peaceful parenting, radical unschooling, the neurodiversity movement and smashing ableism. They have a passion for disability advocacy, children’s rights, body autonomy, and support for under-supported Autistic girls and adults. Court dreams of taking down the ABA machine and helping ensure Autistic children have the respectful, free lives they deserve.

Court’s free time is spent info dumping about any of the above passions, watching Star Wars and Marvel shows/movies, researching current interests, and sleeping, Court is currently building a Neurodiversity lending library and really excited about fulfilling a 5 year dream of volunteering for AWN as well as Divergent.

Neurodiversity is for Everyone ™

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