Being Different

I’ve heard that what makes me different
Also makes me wrong or bad
That just because I’m different
Means that I should be sad.
But I am here to tell you
That different’s not all plight
That this thing which makes me different
Is the reason why I write.
Without my brand of different
I might not have a voice unique
Rather than express myself via keyboard
I might be prone to speak.
Now, there’s nothing wrong with speaking
Please do hear me through
I just happen to love typing
Each day sparks my mind anew.
Next time you might curse different
Clothe your cursing in this shawl
That it’s not so bad, this different
It can be beautiful, after all.


Lydia Wayman is a 23-year-old who loves cats (especially her own Elsie Penelope), swimming, and writing. Diagnosed with autism at age 21, Lydia has found her voice through typing and combines her personal experiences with her degree in education in order to write books, do presenations, and offer consulting services for families of children with autism. She believes that a girl with a keyboard can change the world and sets out to do just that.


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