Women and Girls on the Autism Spectrum Conference

This conference, organised by The National Autistic Society, is a response to increasing calls from parents and professionals for specific information about autism in women and girls, as well as from women with autism who feel it is important to highlight their specific needs and the differences between autism in men and women.

The event aims to explore further the issues around the possible under-diagnosis of women and girls with autism.

Our keynote speaker will be presenting the latest research on this topic and discussing the implications for future research and practice, including prevalence rates, adaptation of diagnostic criteria and differences in presentation.

The conference will also discuss the unique challenges that face women and girls with autism as a minority group within an existing minority. Experts will give insights into a wide range of issues, including education, puberty and sexuality, self-harm and eating disorders. Plus, there will be first-hand accounts from women on spectrum about the difficulties of actually getting diagnosis and day-to-day living, whether diagnosed or undiagnosed.

Who should attend?

  • Clinicians across the professional field, including psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, paediatricians, GPs and nurses
  • Individuals with autism and their parents, families and carers
  • Directors/service managers/team leaders of CAMHS teams
  • Education professionals from mainstream schools, special schools and local authorities
  • Commissioners for services for people with autism
  • Social workers and support workers
  • Voluntary sector groups and not-for-profit organisations

To find more about this conference, please visit: http://www.autism.org.uk/conferences/women2012.