What is Autism Positivity? Expressions of PosAutivity: #AutismPositivity2014

We fight against stigmas. We fight to be heard.
The world is not generally friendly to Autistics. We still need to remind people that the same rights they have, rights they expect to be recognized, also apply to us.

We celebrate Autism Positivity because we know we are not a collection of deficits. We know that because we, like everyone else, have assets, abilities and gifts.

We know this because we are human beings.Autism Positivity 2014

Autistics can be extra sensitive to sound and light. While this is seen as a deficit by a majority that is still not accepting of the need for accommodations, Autistics can experience the beauty of the colors in music, in the words we hear, and in the people around us. We can see the wind and hear the silence.

We celebrate Autism Positivity because we experience amazing beauty most people can’t see.

Many of us can’t speak like the majority can. That’s also is seen as a broken feature. But we are listening and learning at a faster pace than the neuromajority is. Give us the opportunity and the right technology, and our thoughts will enrich your life.

We celebrate Autism Positivity because what is inside our minds is worthy the wait to hear our typed, written voices.

Autism Positivity is the freedom to flap, rock, spin and jump.
It is the accepting presence of those who “get it”.

Autism Positivity is feeling intensely every emotion around us.
It is felling safe and finding comfort being alone, with ourselves.

Autism Positivity is having the courage to be ourselves.
It is seeing our lives and actions help young autistics to do the same.

Autism positivity is learning to say “no” to forced compliance.
It is refusing stereotypes, it is fighting stigma and wrong assumptions.

Autism Positivity is reclaiming our right to make decisions.
It is rebelling against practices that seek to fix what is not broken.
We are not broken.

Autism Positivity is exercising our humanity.

We celebrate Autism Positivity because we are human beings and we are pretty awesome, in our Autistic way.


About the Author, Amy Sequenzia.

2 thoughts on “What is Autism Positivity? Expressions of PosAutivity: #AutismPositivity2014”

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  2. You once wrote somewhere that autistics do not need to be fixed. In doing my candidacy essays, I discovered several papers that support your argument. In fact, your brain does work differently, and the way your brain has adapted to the way it has developed has augmented some of your gifts that NT’s will never enjoy. I hope and pray the world begins to recognize the value of these gifts, as they are crucial. For example, most autistics are empaths, meaning they sense and feel emotions of others without words being shared. I spent the last 7 years of my life learning the value of this gift, only to discover I was doing it the hard way. NT’s cannot intuit feelings. I have also discovered that stims are highly beneficial in managing the anxiety that comes with the way your neural pathways function. To tell an autistic to stop stimming is to doom them to a life of high anxiety. The more stims, the better! Your gift of vision may actually be linked to light perception, as a direct result of highly advanced visual processing. Some autistics report having the ability to see the spirits of the dead. (My own son just told me yesterday that he saw the ghost of his dead grandfather standing in our yard…yet my father in law never came to America!) This is not the result of a hallucination. This is a real experience from people who are often accused of being unable to have a rich fantasy world! This makes the things people like you report even MORE valid! Your beautiful brain works in a way that makes this possible! Yet, if you were “fixed,” it would not be possible.

    I love the idea of Autism Positivity. It takes courage to see beyond the superficial, into the unknown. However, that is also the only way to find anything new!

    Best wishes Amy! Keep blogging!

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