We Heart Hannah Gadsby (& Hannah hearts us!)

Hannah Gadsby uses her public platform to speak honestly and openly about vital issues like disability, ableism, autism, sexism, misogyny and the public health importance of vaccination, and we love her for it! And recently, AWN discovered that she loves us back!

Hannah is now selling pet rocks at her New York City shows to benefit AWN Network and show her support for vaccinations. Hannah makes the point during her shows that if you don’t want to vaccinate your kid, maybe you should just get a pet rock instead. All of Hannah’s proceeds will go to AWN to help us in our mission of supporting autistic women, girls, nonbinary people and other marginalized genders survive and thrive in the ableist world Hannah describes through her comedy.

Thank you for your support, Hannah, and thank you so much for using your public platform to share the importance of vulnerability and realness.

Image is a photo of Hannah Gadsby in a dark suit, holding some of her handmade pet rocks. A text box at the bottom says, “ADOPT A PET ROCK TODAY / No vaccinations required!* / *does not guarantee pet rocks will not be autistic”
Original photo credit to Hannah Gadsby

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