StimTastic is FANTASTIC!

stimtasticWhen looking for fidgets and chewable stim-toys, you need not look any further, because StimTastic has it all! If you don’t already think that’s enough of a perk, guess what? For every StimTastic purchase you make, a percentage of all sales go back into the autism community.

Autism Women’s Network (AWN) is excited to announce that StimTastic is partnering with us through December 14th. That means 10% of everything sold will go to support our mission! Cynthia Kim, StimTastic’s founder, has allocated that proceeds go toward the cost of our upcoming publication, “What Every Autistic Girl Wishes Her Parents Knew.”  Thank you, Cynthia!!

For more AWEsome from Cynthia, follow her blog, Musings of an Aspie, and be sure to learn more about the wonderful world of fidgets and stims at StimTastic.

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