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Statement in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

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Autism Women’s Network remains committed to adding our voice to the fight for justice in marginalized communities. It’s with deep sadness that we find ourselves once again needing to do so with the recent murders of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and Delrawn Small at the hands of police.

Time after time, we witness law enforcement employ racial profiling and the use of deadly force when engaging black people. It is statistically proven that people of color, black and brown people in particular, are victims of racial profiling at a disproportionately higher rate than white individuals. Black and brown individuals with multiple marginalizations, including disability and sexual orientation, are even more greatly impacted.

Autism Women’s Network condemns not only the obviously unjust, violent actions of these particular officers, but also the biased societal perspectives and unethical policies that cultivate an environment in which black deaths at the hands of police are routine. We exist in a culture that expressly devalues the lives of black and brown individuals and perpetuates a continued and disturbing pattern of inexcusable behavior by authority figures – with little or no repercussions – followed by justification, victim-shaming/blaming, and inaction on the part of much of society at large. It is horrific and appalling that this has happened AGAIN.

Black Lives Matter. It’s not just a hashtag; it is truth. Autism Women’s Network grieves with the families of the deceased and with the black community at large, and we demand justice for Alton Sterling Philando Castile, and Delrawn Small.

In Solidarity,

Autism Women’s Network


3 thoughts on “Statement in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter”

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  2. Also many autistic people have died during arrests, because their disabilities are hidden. There is something about autism that makes autistic people suffocate while being handcuffed. Some police are aware of autistic needs. We should stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

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