Meet Kit Mead, AWN Social Media Volunteer for Tumblr & DIVERgent

So, it’s hard to list three lighthearted things about me that people don’t know, considering that I tend to talk about my special interests at length.

I guess one of the first things is that if there is a cat anywhere, I will probably find it. I’ve been known to be walking with people and just go “Oh, cat!”Kit Mead and kind of leave them to go track down the cat. Cats make me very happy.

Well, here’s something random, for fun: I like muttering “unlike me” whenever I order straight fries at the grill at my college. I tend to have odd pressurized talking points and often will say an observation out loud, except then no one has noticed it, so even my friends are just “Wait, what?” a lot.

I can talk about morbid history events for hours. I really, really love history. And when I talk about history, I gravitate toward intense details. One time I tried talking to a barista in Starbucks about the ableist and horrifying history of eugenics and she got confused because I messed up and said “I study eugenics” and she thought I was trying to be a eugenicist. I was just like “oh my god what have I done, NO!”

My dreams for the autistic community are large and as expansive as the culture born of it. My hope is that one day, people won’t talk about meeting ten-year-old Autistic activists who already have to fight for their rights. That we can create a world in which ten-year-olds don’t feel like they need to become die-hard activists. And what I mean by that is for autistic children to have childhoods better than the ones many adult and young adult activists endured. Where the next generations won’t grow up told they are broken.

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2 thoughts on “Meet Kit Mead, AWN Social Media Volunteer for Tumblr & DIVERgent”

  1. Its good to know that there are people our there who love strange history and even close friends and family are never sure if they are joking.
    I tend to fund beggers who have dogs, and proceed to talk to their dogs.

  2. It’s wonderful to see someone else on the spectrum who loves history, although I gravitate more towards ancient Roman history. And, yeah, I have prattled on about said history only for said person to be completely confused.

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