Meet Emily Paige Ballou, AWN Publications Committee & Online Content Moderator

Three things about me:

I kind of wish I could live in the country. I love hiking, being outside, and waking up early.

There are no bounds to my reading preferences. I’m as likely to be reading fiction or non-fiction, science, history, biography, graphic novels, or sci-fi.Emily Paige Ballou

I am bizarrely difficult to take good pictures of. ; )

My hopes for the future of our activism:

-I hope for all autistic kids to be able to grow up accepted as autistic people by their families, not learning that we have to combat who we are to have the lives we want.

-I hope for an end to the stigma that keeps so many of us from educational and employment opportunities, from connecting with other autistic people, and from being able to feel comfortable with ourselves.

-I hope for all autistic people to feel like they can connect with the autistic community if they want to, and find understanding and safety here.

More about Emily!

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