Documentary, SPECTRUM: A Story of the Mind

Image description: a profile view of a human head with multi-colored swirls and designs running through from the front to the back. Below the image is the word “Spectrum”

Autism Women’s Network is grateful to the filmmakers of “SPECTRUM: A Story of the Mind” for designating our organization to receive all proceeds for the upcoming year to benefit our mission at AWN. The film features Judy Endow, Nick Walker, Tito Mukhopadhyay, and Temple Grandin. This documentary explores the acceptance and understanding of autism rather than fearing it.

The documentary has captioning and the soundtrack is for sale on iTunes! Spectrum’s composer, Frederik Wiedmann, has scored a number of film and TV shows including Green Lantern; The Animated Series and Justice League; and Flashpoint. Freddie’s music in this documentary presents a positive and beautifully layered portrayal of autism.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: The film contains some flashing/strobing imagery.

Link to film:
Link to iTunes:

Thank you, Spectrum creators!

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