An image of an androgynous Italian person smiling at the camera. Their hair is a dark brown buzz cut, and they are wearing a navy blazer over top of a dark red shirt.

Ellis Z. Sardorian

Education & Program Assistant

Ellis Z. Sardorian (they/them) is an advocate, educator, and storyteller. They began advocating for themselves and their fellow disabled classmates in middle school. They are interested in creating spaces and systems to support people, rather than the other way around. Ellis was a 2021 Dinah F. B. Cohen DREAM Fellow with the National Disability Mentoring Coalition, where they developed a webinar on inter-abled mentoring relationships. In 2018, Ellis produced a zine called This is My Spectrum of content by autistic people about autism. Additionally, they produced a documentary in 2019 called Twice Exceptional in which they investigated one MD family’s journey with the IEP system. In their free time, Ellis enjoys making their own clothes. If you would like to learn more about their work, you can visit their blog.