Autistic People Should…

Autistic people should be heard because we are the ones with the most valuable information about autism.

We live it everyday.

Autistic people should be respected because respect is the foundation for all human interaction.

Autistic people should not be forced to comply with what will only be convenient for non-autistics. We should have a voice on all matters that affect our daily activities.

Autistic people should be given all available resources to communicate. Everybody has something to say and we should be allowed our preferred method of communication.


Autistic people should be allowed to continue to be unique, completely distinguishable from our peers.

We, Autistics, want and deserve to live our lives with dignity and respect. Respect for our way of doing things, respect for being our own selves.

Autistics should have the right to our dignity when the issues we face are considered severe flaws. Some Autistics have severe anxiety and sensory processing issues that can lead to self-injurious acts (called “behaviors”). Some Autistics will never speak. This does not mean they/we don’t have a valuable life. Accessibility to communication and respectful approaches will make sure their/our future is also successful.

Autistic people should have the right to lead an Autistic life, even when trying to treat or cure some disorders like epilepsy or gastro-intestinal problems.

Autistic people should continue to educate non-autistics.

Autistic people should be proud of who they are because being Autistic is not a reason for being discriminated against.

Autistic people should not be told that being Autistic is a reason for shame. We are unique and different, but not lesser people.

Autistic people should continue to fight for the rights of all Autistics, for better accommodations and better services and supports, a fight that will make the future generation of autistics more accepted and understood.

Autistic people should not have to fight for the basic right to live.


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