Asperger Syndrome in the Media

Asperger Syndrome is a growing issue with children, as more and more are being diagnosed, and at earlier ages. Its acceptance has now become apparent in the media and how Aspergers and Asperger-like people are portrayed.

Having first hand experience with raising a child with Aspergers, you get to know the quirks of how your child operates. Not every Aspie is the same. They are described to be on a spectrum, ranging from one end to another (mild to severe) and how functional they are.

Primetime television in the last few years has introduced us a new group of TV characters who either have Asperger Syndrome or its characteristics. Whether you are a parent of an Asperger child, a sibling or a friend, you might recognize these following shows, which are making an attempt to portray aspie-like characters.

The Big Bang Theory is a wonderful show on CBS that documents the exploits of several PhD scientist friends all working together. In the mix is Sheldon Cooper, portrayed by Jim Parsons, a self-proclaimed socially inept physicist… [read more]