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Announcing the book release of Sincerely, Your Autistic Child

Today, March 30, 2021, the Autistic Women & Nonbinary Network released our new book Sincerely, Your Autistic Child: What People on the Autism Spectrum Wish Their Parents Knew about Growing Up, Acceptance, and Identity.

Sincerely Your Autistic Child is an anthology which includes the voices of twenty-eight different autistic people about what they wish their parents knew about autism.

Our hope is that this book offers a break from the clinical/medical guidebooks to consider perspectives that are only available by hearing from the real experts, autistic people. As no two individuals or families are the same, each experience shared in this book is authentically unique.

Sincerely Your Autistic Child has now received a Starred Review from Library Journal:

Each essay has insightful and eloquent advice by people with autism from a number of age groups, races, ethnicities, faiths, cultures, professional and life skills backgrounds, and gender identities. Because current media representations of autism have long been primarily focused on Western white men, this collection of essays from a diversity of people on the spectrum is an essential and necessary work that raises awareness and redefines normal.

Library journal

Sincerely, Your Autistic Child is available in print (paperback), ebook, and audiobook. You can find it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Beacon Press. You can also get the audiobook through Audible.

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